The Foundation’s character is charitablepromoting aid reliefculturalprotecting the environmentnon-profitphilanthropic


Mainly develops its activity in the Valencian Community, without detriment to the goals of other communities and countries who share its principal aim:

“ The satisfaction of intellectual and moral needs in every sense”.

It’s character is charitable, that of aid relief, philanthropic, cultural and protects the environment. It is a non-profit organisation which is under the guardianship of the Protectorate applied by the Valencian Community.

High objectives which will bear more important and concrete fruits without restrictions

  • Promotion of study, knowledge and diffusion of meditation as a means for human spiritual growth.
  • Promotion of teaching experience applied to the understanding of meditation techniques, using audio visual information technology as a means of diffusion.
  • Preservation of damaged environment of natural settings that are especially favourable for meditation practice.
  • Organising meetings between mediators of any field and nature who will accept the Foundation’s aims.
  • Promotion of voluntary effort of useful service to needy people.
  • Collaboration or participation with other institutions or foreign Foundations for the development of projects sharing the same foundational purpose.

To achieve these goals, the Foundation will organise courses, conferences and forums, amongst other activities, in the Centres of Study and Foundation Retreats.

The Foundation is located in calle Islas Canarias, 88 bajo in Valencia.

The Retreat Centre, Yeshe Chö Ling is located in the natural park of Cubillas, municipality of Quesa, (Valencia).