Tröma Nagmo on-line complete cycle with LAMA TENZIN SAMPHEL

January 7 & 8, January 14 &15
February 4 & 5, February 18 & 19
March 11 & 12, March 18 &19
Schedule: 18:00h

The Dudjom International Foundation of Valencia has asked Lama Tenzin to continue with the cycle of teachings on Tröma Nagmo that he opened. Lama Tenzin has kindly agreed to continue with the previous cycle of Tröma, transforming it into a complete cycle, beginning with the ngöndro and continuing with the rest of the teachings, as a retreat manual. Since it is very special to open a complete Cycle of Tröma, Lama Tenzin advises to do the entire cycle from beginning to end, without missing any session, regardless of whether the ngöndro teachings have been received before. And if someone new wishes to participate, he should explain his Dharma experience and his motivation for attending this cycle. The teachings will begin in October and will continue for several months, but for now we give you the schedule for the next three months. Lama Tenzin also advises to finish the accumulations of the Tröma ngöndro or any other that you have been advised to do.
From the Dudjom International Foundation of Valencia, we recommend a voluntary donation, of which 70% will go to Lama Tenzin and 30% to cover the expenses and maintenance of the Dudjom Foundation centers in Valencia, and thus be able to continue helping the teachings of the Dudjom Tersar lineage to expand.
To participate in this cycle it is essential to register on our website so that you can receive the zoom link.



The most secret aspect of the Dakini practice of the Dudjom Tersar lineage. In the Dudjom Tersar tradition, the Tröma Nagmo practice contains the complete path of Vajrayana.

The practice of Tröma Nagmo Chö dispels obstacles, be it for attaining happiness in the short term or for attaining enlightenment. It has an extraordinary healing power and we can accumulate merit and wisdom quickly and in vast measures. The connection with Tröma Nagmo practice produces great blessings and benefits.

Voluntary donation

Lama Tenzin Samphel