LoJong 1 Course

The essence of LoJong (Mind Training) is the profound desire of liberating oneself from all suffering, understanding the primordial nature of our mind (absolute bodhicitta) and to connect deeply with all beings (relative bodhicitta).

Lo Jong belongs to the essential teaching tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.

It is an integral spiritual practice consisting of a series of organised seven-point instructions. The Seven Point Mind Training is a practical guide in the development of equanimity, intelligence and compassion amid the turbulence of everyday life.  It is a teaching by Atisha, introduced to Tibet in the 10thcentury as an oral teaching.  Subsequently, it was increased by 59 points of practice by Gueshe Chekawa (Tibet, 1112-1176), forming a group of skilful antidotes that work on coarse and subtle mental habits which stem from ignorance and that cause great suffering. Through his practice, we engage in connecting ourselves unconditionally with the world at large in positive and unconditional manner, making the most of all opportunities and transmuting unfavourable circumstance into spiritual development.

Lama Ösel Thrinley


30€ / monthly