Tröma Drubchod

A Tröma drupchod is an intensive and very powerful group practice of the Vajrayana that brings great benefit not only personally but also collectively in that it increases vitality, health, prosperity, and dissipates violence and obstacles as well as harmonizes the disturbed elements and environment. Unlike a drupchen, the drupchod does not continue through the night. According to the history of Vajrayana, it is said that whoever practices together for a drupchod or drupchen for a certain time will at the end of the retreat attain Buddhahood, such as when King Indrabodhi and all his group went into rainbow body and his country become empty. A Troma drupchod lead by Dudjom Yangsid Rinpoche is a very rare occasion and an unparalleled opportunity. Even by joining for three days, because of the presence of a great master, it will make a big difference, and will surely dispel lots of obstacles, negativities, and advance your profound spiritual path of enlightenment. During the drupchod there will be an offering of tsok and lamps each day.